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Basketball training

Every two were supposed to be against each other so me and my friend were against each other. Each time one attack and the other defense, so I used to let her pass by me while I'm defensing when the captain wasn't watching and then when he started watching use I didn't let her pass for like 3 mins and she was like "You're doing thing cause the captain is watching?" so I just let her pass by me and the captain went all yelling at me! -.-

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Last Tuesday

Remember the 11:11 wish? Yeah, it came half-true! xD

Writer's Block: Instant replay

If you could only listen to one song the rest of your life what would it be?

Made a wish...

Wished that the hot boy that i saw the first day in the training, Osama, would show up today again!



WTF! She unfollowed me and then followed me then she did it again! Lol yeah cool, plus she was supposed to call me.. what kind of bbf is that? lol yeah i look like a kid cause of this rant. Guess what? i won't give a shit again!


Olly murs and Ed Sheeran's music is LDKSA;LDFJKDLS;FJKLSDFKL!! Beyond amazing!
Was going out today with my friend to the mall but we didn't cause there was nobody available to drive us. Mom took me to a bookstore to buy TOTP but i didn't find it! -.- Guess it has a huge poster of One Direction and i own no huge poster of them! :@ Anyway i got all the books of Percy Jackson! ds;lfk;sdkfds;d, LOL AWESOME! :D

Made a dedicated account to Janet Devlin on twitter! ♥

Totally new..

I just joined livejournal and i don't really know if i'll ever open it again or not, and i hope that i'd. So about me: I'm obsessed with the british boyband One Direction. I'm little bit addicted to tumblr, yeah im cool -LIKE A BOSS- LOL jk :P So that's it.